Application Process


Parents and parents-to-be are welcome to make an appointment to visit prior to enrollment of their child.  The Center has an open-door policy for enrolled families. Please check with your child’s classroom schedule to be aware of meal times, special events, etc.  Parents are encouraged to assist the Center in supervising field trips, working directly with children in the classroom, or helping on projects which do not directly involve children.  We also invite parents to eat lunch with their child or attend Center-sponsored celebrations, if convenient with their schedule.

Application Process

The parent should contact the Center to set up a tour of the facilities. During the tour, the parent will be given an information packet that includes the Application for Enrollment. In order to have their child considered for enrollment, the parent must fill out the Application for Enrollment and send it with the non-refundable Application Fee. If the child’s age group is full, the child will be placed on the waiting list by the date the application is received. Those on the list who are siblings of children currently enrolled will receive priority in the filling of openings.

When an opening is available, the Assistant Director will contact the parent by phone and/or e-mail to offer enrollment. The family has two business days to respond. If the family does not respond or does not want to enroll, they will be removed from the waiting list and must re-apply if they desire enrollment at a later date.

Enrollment Process

If the family accepts enrollment, they have two business days to submit the Enrollment Fee and the first month’s tuition to secure their spot.

The family will be required to pay tuition beginning the date the opening is available. If the family chooses not to start the date the opening is available, they have the option to “hold the spot” by paying half the tuition for up to 3 months. 

Center administration will give the parent an enrollment packet prior to the child’s first day, which will include classroom information as well as a set of forms. We prefer for the parent to complete all forms at least a week before enrollment (except for the Child Health Report, which is due within three months’ admission to the Center). All forms, except the Health Report, must be turned in by the first day of attendance. Not only are most forms mandatory to meet state licensing requirements, they help us to know as much as we can about your child and family.

We encourage the family to schedule a few visits to the child’s classroom before the official enrollment date; this eases the transition for everyone.

Please contact our Assistant Director of Family Services, Mary Platt, with any questions or to schedule at tour at: