The Sunflower Room

To learn, a child must be able to play. By allowing a child to interact with items in their environment through play, the child will discover their environment on a personal level.  This will create an atmosphere of learning that will span the disciplines that will be needed in the future to become a productive person in life.  Through play a child learns math, science, vocabulary, social skill, cause and effect, as well as small muscle and large muscle development and cognitive skills.


Lilly, Sunflowers Teacher

Hello! My name is Lilly Robinson and I have been working at The Learning Gardens since April 2023. I love working with kids because I love watching them learn more about the world and themselves. I believe every child has their own learning style and should be surrounded by a variety of experiences. I am passionate about psychology, music, and spirituality. I have a dog and in my spare time I like to listen/play music and spend time with friends. I love the outdoors, baking, playing my ukelele, and car rides.

My favorite quote: “You alone are enough.  You have nothing to prove to anybody.”   Maya Angelou


Cherish, Sunflowers Teacher