The Poppies Room




Children naturally learn through what they see in the world.  Teachers create a developmentally appropriate environment for each child to play, create, move, experiment and express themselves. Children are active learners and need opportunities for choice, independence, and learning through play with real materials in hands-on direct ways. Children’s activities, materials, and classroom curriculum are based on individual development: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Children are provided a balance of indoor and outdoor time, active and quiet time and individual, small, and large group play.

Children need routine and continuity in the classroom and with adults, so we create consistency in the classroom through predictable schedules and activities. Children express a range of emotions as a natural part of their development. We identify and acknowledge these emotions and create opportunities for children to express them in healthy, constructive ways. Children model what they see. Teachers treat children and other staff with respect, kindness, and empathy. Children are learning how to participate in group activities, get along with peers and develop trust for other adults. We support this task by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions with others, nurturing friendships, and teaching conflict resolution skills at every age. Children express creativity and self-expression through open-ended activities and experiences. Creative, child-directed play is encouraged in many forms such as drawing, painting, music, building, role play, and more.


Andrea, Poppy Teacher

Hello, my name is Andrea.  I have been working at The Learning Gardens since August 2011. I have my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a Clinical Counseling Concentration from Edgewood College.  I also have my Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction teaching license. I was previously a nanny for seven years, a lead teacher for the YMCA after school program, and I taught and designed my own art classes for two years at the Maple Bluff Village Center.  I look forward to having you and your child as a part of the Poppy classroom!







Michele, Poppy Teacher

Hello, My name is Michele. I have been in the early childhood field since 2001, and received my Child Development Associate Credential in 2007. I am currently working towards an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have work will all age groups, especially young toddlers and 4K aged children. Regardless of which age group, young children make my hear full, and put a smile on my face every day. I currently line in Madison with my three beautiful children: Ava, Tucker, and Freya. Thank you for letting me teach and love your children every day.

Meet Henry!

Henry is a Russian Tortoise and the star of the Poppy classroom.  He enjoys burrowing under the warm heat lamp to sleep, eating and joining the kids outside with a balloon attached to his belly.  In the early mornings when the children start to arrive, Henry likes to watch them come into the classroom and perks up at the sound of their voices.