The Honeybee Room


To learn, a child must be able to play. By allowing a child to interact with items in their environment through play, the child will discover their environment on a personal level. This will create an atmosphere of learning that will span the disciplines that will be needed in the future to become a productive person in life. Through play a child learns math, science, vocabulary, social skills, cause and effect, as well as small muscle and large muscle development and cognitive skills.



Janell, Honeybees Teacher

Hello! My name is Janell and I am a teacher who works with 1 year olds. I have been working at The Learning Gardens since August 2022. I believe children learn best through play and a safe environment.  I am passionate about independence and emotional growth. I have worked in the Early Childhood Education field since 2021. I am a Level 3 on the Wisconsin Registry.




Kylah, Honeybees Teacher