Building Support Teachers

Our Building Support Teachers

Anne, Building Support & School Age Teacher

The Learning Gardens has been my second family since the spring of 2008!  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Elementary Education.  I began working as a teacher in the Preschool Unit for several years and was an infant teacher as well. My son was born in 2015 and I spent two years at home with him and now it is my pleasure to be returning back part-time helping throughout the building.  However, I did not come alone because now I am a teacher and a parent to a child attending the Learning Gardens.  My husband, Matt, and I are grateful for the continued support we have received from everyone within The Learning Gardens community.  There is true gratification when your own child is receiving the care that you and your co-workers take so much pride in giving day in and day out.






Jade, Building Support Teacher

Hello my name is Jade Smart. I have three years of experience in the childcare field. I worked with infants for a year and one and a half to two and a half year olds for two years as a lead teacher. I have alway been interested in childcare prior to working in centers. I would babysit for my neighbors and teacher’s children in high school. I love to teach children self help skills, encourage them to talk about their emotions and I like to bring my love for nature into the classroom by encouraging making art with leaves and going on nature walks. I am excited for my new position as a building support teacher where I will be able to work with every age group. I love that the learning gardens encourages kids to have self help skills and encourage children to communicate about their emotions. In my free time I enjoy exploring new state parks around Wisconsin to hike, roller skating with friends, paint pours and ice skating.

My Favorite Quote: “If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.” – Chee Vai Tang