While the classroom teachers use music regularly as part of their daily activities and curriculum,  The Learning Gardens also provides an extra music program with our Music Teacher, Casey.  Casey stops in each classroom once a week and engages the children with a wide range of songs tailored to that specific age group. If you watch Casey in the Infant classrooms, you’re likely to hear a lot of soothing lullabies, whereas in the preschool classroom, you’re more likely to hear a lot of call-and-response songs that engage the children and get them moving.


Meet Casey Day!

Casey has been signing at The Learning Gardens for over 14 years and is very much a favorite of all of the children.  Casey’s enthusiasm is contagious, fun and over the top exciting.  He enjoys bringing music in to the hearts of all the little ones at The Learning Gardens.  

When he’s not at The Learning Gardens, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to catch him performing as part of the Casey and Greg duo somewhere around the Madison area.

Below are a few testimonials that parents have shared with us about Casey:

“Casey is a gem!”

“My child loves the musical aspects of Learning Gardens”

“We love Casey and his music!”

 Rock Star…

By Casey Day




someday you will see

someday you will see

you’ll be very glad that you were friends with me

I’ll be everywhere and I’ll be something to see

I’m going to be a ROCK STAR

I’ll be all around

I’ll be all around

I’ll put on a show right in the heart of your home town

I’ll put on a concert that will bring the whole house down 

I’m bound to be a ROCK STAR!

Music is provided in all classrooms.