Older Toddlers


In our older toddler unit we have fun and play while we work on children’s self sufficiency.  Learning to put on and take off their own coat, put on their own shoes, clean up their eating area as well as undress and dress themselves are some of the things the children are learning.  Within our unit we are also working on potty training where the children learn to pull down their own pants and take off their own wet diaper before being giving the option of sitting on the potty.  In our unit potty training is very much a child driven accomplishment.  There is no time when it starts or ends.  The teachers are here to support the child as well as the family during this learning adventure.

Our curriculum is based on Creative Curriculum which is a framework for setting individual goals for the children, setting a learning plan then using observation to assess how well the children are progressing. Our goals are based around helping the children to become the best they can be. We focus on the physical (large motor and small motor), the social-emotional (how to be a good friend and how to use our words to convey what we want), cognitive (positive approaches to learning), literacy (books and letters) and mathematics (numbers and counting). Our ultimate goal is to help the children to become confident about themselves so when they get to school they are ready to learn.