Madison Metropolitan School District


 The Madison Metropolitan School District is the second largest school district in Wisconsin and serves over 27,000 students in 49 schools. The district covers approximately 65 square miles including all or part of the cities of Madison and Fitchburg, the villages of Maple Bluff and Shorewood Hills, and the towns of Blooming Grove, Burke and Madison.

The MMSD is committed to ensuring that every school is a thriving school that prepares every student graduate high school well-equipped for college, careers and their community.



Developed together with our staff, families, students and community members, our Strategic Framework describes our strategy as a district. Together, we have set out to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to gaps in achievement, and to be the model of what a strong, successful public school district looks like.

For general information about the schools and the school district, you are invited to contact us.

Vision, Mission & Beliefs

Vision:  All students will live, work and thrive as contributing and valued members of our community

Mission: To achieve MMSD Vision 2030, we work collaboratively to provide high-quality, equitable, inclusive instruction and services to engage all students in high levels of learning.


  1. We believe that excellent public education is necessary for ensuring a democratic society. 

  2. We believe in the abilities of every individual in our community and the value of their life experiences.

  3. We believe in an inclusive community in which all have the right to contribute. 

  4. We believe we have a collective responsibility to create and sustain a safe environment that is respectful, engaging, vibrant and culturally responsive.

  5. We believe that every individual can learn and will grow as a learner.  

  6. We believe in continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection. 

  7. We believe that resources are critical to education and we are responsible for their equitable and effective use.

  8. We believe that dimensions of identity (race, disability, sexual orientation, gender or language) are assets which enhance curriculum, instruction and school culture.

  9. We believe in culturally relevant education that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the 21stcentury. 

Madison Metropolitan School District

545 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53703

Voice: (608) 663-1879
FAX: (608) 204-0342