Sweet Peas

We believe that children learn the most through active learning experiences based in play. Children learn with the support of adults and their peers. Each area of our room is arranged with specific academic and social learning experiences in mind. These experiences provide a challenge for varying ability levels along with the opportunity for success on any level. In the Sweet Pea classroom, we encourage and teach the children self help skills and independence. At meal times the children may dish themselves up, pass the serving bowls or pour themselves milk. The children are encouraged to put on their own socks, shoes and coats. The children wash their own hands and faces and work towards using the bathroom with minimal assistance.

Elle, Sweet Pea Teacher

Hello families! My name is Elle  and I’m so excited to start my new journey at The Learning Gardens with you all! My husband and I just moved to Madison from Ames, IA.  We both LOVE the outdoors and I have recently picked up water painting as a fun leisure activity. Now that we’ve moved to Wisconsin I’m sure eating fried cheese curds will be my next favorite leisure activity!

The past 2 and a half years I’ve worked at the lead teacher for the 3-4-year-old classroom. I am very interested in family dynamics and what makes a child who they are. One key skill I feel is very important to teach in preschool are the social-emotion skills they need to exceed in the classroom, at the playground, at home, and beyond! I have years of experience and professional training that help me teach these skills to our awesome kiddos. I, also, believe a healthy parent-teacher relationship is key to ensuring the best education and learning environment for the children. I’m so excited to learn about each and everyone one of your families and to watch your child grow this next year!


Emily, Sweet Pea Teacher & Older Toddler Unit Leader

Hello!  My name is Emily and I’d love to take a moment to tell you more about myself.  I fell in love working with children during my first job at a baseball field and have been working with children from ages 6 weeks-6 years old ever since!  After I had my little boy, AJ, he inspired me to switch degrees and work on my B.S. in Early Childhood and I am currently a level 8 on The Registry.  I joined The Learning Gardens staff in February of 2016.

I grew up in a small town in Iowa along the Mississippi River, where most of my family still lives today.  We moved to Madison in 2015 after falling in love with the culture years prior. Todd, AJ, our cat Swayze and I love to be out enjoying Wisconsin’s natural beauty.  In my spare time I enjoy taking care of the environment, kayaking, camping, biking, reading, being around animals and children, spending time with my family and friends, eating ice cream and pizza, gardening, enjoying all the live music I can and movies! I genuinely love, enjoy, and take pride in my job and I look forward to sharing our classroom with your family!


P:  608-238-6700  x111