Wiggle Worms

The Wiggle Worms Room



We have the very important role of caring for your child and encouraging their development in their first year. Our goal is to provide a high quality, nurturing and safe environment for your child that will help him/her grow into a wonderful, curious and happy person. All activities are designed to stimulate their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth in a loving and comfortable environment.


Nicki, Wiggle Worms Teacher

Hello, my name is Nicki and I have been at The Learning Gardens since November 2023.  I love working with children because they are fun, full of energy, curious, adventurous, and keep you on your toes with excitement. I believe children learn in many ways using all their senses and by example from their peers and teachers.  Creativity is my favorite way to teach with lots of hands-on experiences.  I am passionate about art, babies, being creative, having fun, and making sure each child has a good day and learns something new.

I have been involved in Early Childhood Education since 1998 intermittently.  I also have helped raise all of my nephews and nieces and now my great-nephews and nieces.  I love working with kids of all ages. I am a Level 3 on the Wisconsin Registry

I have lived in Madison all my life except for a 6 month stint in Arlington TX.  I am joyfully married and I have 2 adorable grown sons.  In my spare time, I like to garden, work on craft projects, style hair, and spend time with my family. I love anything artistic, creative, and mind-expanding.  I love writing, learning, and teaching.

My favorite quote is “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  by Albert Einstein.