Hola from The Learning Gardens!


From a young age, children are constantly developing their language and early literacy skills through reading books, telling flannel board stories, singing songs and through social interactions with those around them. By exposing the young child to Spanish with these activities we can encourage lasting language and literacy skills, cultural diversity, and introduce them to a world of possibilities for the future! Research shows that children, from birth to age five, exposed to more than one language show signs of significant cognitive growth, as well as strengthened memory and concentration.


Andres, Spanish Teacher

Hello, my name is Andres Temozihui and I am pleased to be your child’s Spanish teacher this year. I am very interested in having your support and working as a team with your family to have a very successful year.

I am a native from Mexico, and I am very proud to teach my language and my culture to your child. I have been working with children since 2018. I have an Associate’s degree in Fitness and Recreation Management and currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Performance/Physical Therapy.

I am fun, active, and exciting. I draw from personal experiences in how and what I will be teaching. I enjoy bringing out smiles and laughter to make it a fun, safe, and supportive environment for the little ones at The Learning Gardens.


Teaching Style and Learning Objectives:

During Spanish lessons, we plan on learning numbers, animals, seasons, weather, emotions/feelings, colors, greetings, etc. This will be a combination of looking at images, playing games, watching videos, and repetition in learning new words. I plan to use FrogStreet in my lesson planning as they offer a lot of great resources both in English and Spanish.  They also have a lot of great tools for kids to be actively engaged in learning Spanish.


Spanish is provided in all classrooms!

For more information on how children learn to develop new languages and exciting ways to help learn Spanish, please visit PBS Kids & Parents!