You Are Truly Appreciated

Summer Anniversaries!


It’s Summer anniversary time at The Learning Gardens and we are recognizing several amazing staff members.


We have had 5 wonderful years of Michele’s fun-loving attitude and delightful sense of humor. What a joy it has been. Michele has never turned down a challenge we have thrown at her. She is an absolutely strong, independent influence in the life of the children she interacts with daily.


Alex, our delightful chef, as been with us for an entire year.  The children love his creative meals, fresh baked snacks and hand-picked produce. Alex raises us above cafeteria food. His dedication to making the most nutritious and varied options for our little friends is amazing. Thank you, Alex!

Our favorite part time teacher, Anne is celebrating 3 years here at The Learning Gardens. She’s been gracing our halls with her gentle smile and positivity for much longer than that, but we’ll keep it at 3! We truly appreciate her calm interactions and patience with our smallest friends.

For two years. Stephanie has been a wonderful asset to us, most recently in the 4k unit. She has quickly bonded with both children and families. She has far exceeded our expectations as a committed co-worker and a fantastic teacher. We are also excited that she has been chosen to present on Gender and Inclusion at the Wisconsin Early Childhood Conference, a statewide conference for the crème-de-la-crème in Early Childhood Education.


Jaden has been with us for a whole year! She has become a confident, competent teacher with our preschoolers. She always has the best interest of the children at heart. She bonds with those children who have trouble bonding with others. You can simply see her passion for what she does. We’ll keep her around!

Congratulations to us, we’ve been honored to work with Jess for the past year. She is stepping up to get a bachelor’s degree and we couldn’t be prouder. She is working full time, momming full time and now going to school. She is dedicated to Early Childhood and it shows. We are delighted that Jess is always kind, patent and willing to work as a team. Thanks, lady!


8 years! Wow, Andrea is a rock-star at The Learning Gardens, she is a team player, a fantastic unit leader, and a resource for nap-time boot camps! Families are so happy to have Poppies and to experience Andrea as an influence in their child’s life. Andrea is a wealth of knowledge in child development! Go Andrea!

Adrian has been The Learning Gardens’ resident baby whisperer for a year now. We couldn’t be happier with this calm, gentle lady. She can make any baby feel at home. Adrian is always there with a smile and positive words for her coworkers, the families she interacts with and the babies she loves every day.  She puts 100% into everything that she does. Thank you, Adrian.

Oh my word! What can we say about Lindsey? For the past year we have gotten to experience her bubbly personality, thoughtful nature and natural exuberance. Lindsey can truly make any child comfortable. She invests energy and time in learning the intricacies of the children she molds. Lindsey is truly a fantastic addition to The Learning Gardens.

Mary has been at The Learning Gardens for two years now. From knowledgeable teacher to logistical mastermind, we aren’t’ sure what we would do without Mary. Her quick wit and trustworthiness are unapparelled. We are so happy to have her.

Kelsey has graced us with her presence for the past year. Kelsey will step up to any challenge, and she has by taking on 4K and now school age programming for the summer. We enjoy Kelsey’s ability to work as a team, positively offer a differing opinion, and develop children in such a way that they don’t even realize they are learning. We appreciate her.