You Are Truly Appreciated

Fall Anniversaries!


It’s Fall anniversary time at The Learning Gardens

and we are recognizing several amazing staff members.



Ashley S has been gracing the halls of The Learning Gardens for 5 years now! We are lucky to have a ‘baby guru’ like her on staff. She has wonderful skill soothing our little friends and truly learning their personalities. She is the Infant Unit leader, keeping the Infant Unit in shape and organized.

September marks 2 years of enjoying Daphne’s creativity here at the Learning Gardens. We’ve had the joy of watching her calm, patient, and artistic teaching style impact our little friends.  



For 2 years, Lauren has been a wonderful asset to us as a Young Toddler Teacher and now, a YT Unit leader!  She has quickly bonded with both children and families and has meaningful relationships. She has far exceeded our expectations as a committed co-worker and a fantastic teacher. We particularly value her organization.  



Shibon has been with us for a whole 2 years! She has become a confident, competent teacher with our preschoolers. She always has the best interest of the children at heart. She has high expectations for the children she works with and uses her creativity to help them reach those expectations. You can simply see her passion for what she does. We’ll keep her around!

Congratulations to us!  We’ve been honored to work with JJ for the past 2 years. She is dedicated to Early Childhood and it shows. We are delighted that Jess is always kind, patent, and willing to work as a team. JJ is researching, learning, and always striving to learn more. Thanks lady!

Oh my word! What can we say about Maritza? For the past 4 years, we have gotten to experience her authentic personality, thoughtful nature, and natural exuberance. Maritza can truly make any child comfortable. She invests energy and time in learning the intricacies of the children she molds. Maritza is truly a fantastic addition to The Learning Gardens.