COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven tough on everyone in our community, in and outside of TLG.  We at The Learning Gardens are devoted to making sure that this is still (mostly) the place we left in March 2020.  We continue to be a haven for learning, laughter and fun for all the children that enter the building.  While we always abide by the licensing and accreditation standards regarding hygiene, we have increased the amount of times per day we are sanitizing surfaces and are practicing frequent, thorough hand washing for staff, students and administration. Furthermore, we have adjusted class sizes to a maximum of 15 (as opposed to 20) to allow for a larger space for children in the classroom.  A few other changes that have been made regarding the safety of everyone in the TLG Community include:

      • Staff and student temperature checks upon arrival

      • Extended sick policy (72 hours symptom and medicine free) for staff and students

      • Separate, designated drop off and pick up doors for students; no parents permitted in building

      • Masking for all children and staff 5 years and older

      • All classes stay separate

Staff and Classrooms abide by the “Pod” system to ensure as little intermingling as possible.  Our music and Jump Bunch process has been altered to accommodate social-distancing standards.  As always, The Learning Gardens is always seeking to make improvements to our students and families experiences and safety.


For more information on how to combat COVID-19 in your community, we suggest families research WHO and CDC websites.