Featured Family

Hi! We’re the Pierick Family. Our family of four, Nick, Kristine, Hunter (4) and Madelyn (19 months), live in Waunakee. We’ve lived in Waunakee for almost 2 years. We’ve called the Learning Gardens our home away from home for the past three years. We started at the Learning Gardens when Hunter was 18 months old. We’ve met so many amazing teachers and friends since we’ve started here and have enjoyed all the great opportunities and experiences. What we love most about the Learning Gardens are all the different opportunities the school offers and the different ways that families can get involved.

We have an almost 7 year old silver lab named Kayla. She enjoys the extra food that two toddlers leave behind and takes that with the extra noise they make!

Hunter is currently in the Sunshines classroom. He loves free play and the different learning stations in the classroom. Hunter loves to tell a good story and is working on his stand up comedy routine. Hunter started karate a couple of months ago and is working on earning his yellow belt. He will be playing t-ball this summer and is excited to wear his baseball helmet. He loves to be outside and loves to go fishing. He’s very helpful and enjoys helping to make banana bread at home!

Madelyn is 19 months old! She is silly and loves to do the opposite of what she was asked to do! She is very observant, and once she warms up she is all giggles, hugs, and smiles! She is learning new words every day and loves to repeat whatever she hears. She loves to play outside and be pushed on the swing. She’s currently working on drinking from a regular cup and eating with utensils! She loves exploring and going for walks and telling everyone to “Go!”

As a family we enjoy spending time outside and playing at all the amazing parks in the area. Every fall we go on a vacation to Hawyard in Northern Wisconsin. We go there every October for a week with Hunter and Madelyn’s grandparents. We always try to go on a couple of different adventures. This past year we explored Copper Falls! Our standbys are going for walks, visiting the Hayward Bakery daily, fishing, and spending time together!

We are so excited for Spring to arrive. We’ll be out and about in the Madison area, playing at parks and checking out all the great local spring and summer activities!