2021-2022 Parent Advisory Committee Starts in October

Parents – We will start our 2021-2022 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings in October. The purpose of the Parent Advisory Committee is two-fold. First, to provide parents with a formal avenue of input into the program that is serving their young children in accordance with City of Madison Accreditation standards.  Second, to foster a sense of community within the center through the organization of center-wide activities.  Committee members will have an advisory role regarding, but not limited to, the following areas: programming & policy, fundraising, parent involvement, and marketing. The PAC will meet monthly.  Committee members shall include parents of children who are enrolled at The Learning Gardens, teachers, and the Executive Director.  Committee members will maintain confidentiality at all times. Issues related to individual families will not be discussed.

PAC meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of the month, from October 2021 through May 2022. Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 6, from 1-2pm. For those who are comfortable coming to TLG, we will be having PAC meetings at the school. However, if you would like to participate, but prefer to attend virtually, we are able to send a Zoom Link. Parents who wish to join PAC meetings can e-mail Dr. Rob at rsanjuan@learninggardens.com.