Toddler gardeners

Garden of the Poppies

The Poppy classroom planted our garden again this year and the kids have LOVED being part of the process! They helped scoop the soil, fluff the soil with their mini trowels, plant our vegetables, and they help water it every week! We have been checking in on our purple tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, peppers, and lemon balm!









We have watched our vegetables grow and the children enjoyed being able to taste them when we were bout on the playground! Even Henry the tortoise has been reaping what we sow when he gets some of the romaine lettuce that we pick for him! Teaching the children about the process of growing a garden, the different type of vegetables, and tools used for gardening has been a very rewarding part of our curriculum. The various art projects, books, songs, and sensory activities such as washing vegetables, make the real-life experience of caring for a garden even more meaningful when they know they have contributed to our very own Learning Gardens’ garden!