Changes at The Learning Gardens

There are some exciting changes happening at The Learning Gardens!

Hope and I are committed to providing the best opportunities for development to the children you entrust to us. We truly believe that mixed age groups and looping are excellent tools in developing social skills, encouraging positive relationships, fostering independence, growing motor skills, and building cognitive ability.

Apple Blossoms and Sunshines will continue to be mixed age classrooms with a bit of a younger tilt (3-5 years old instead of the typical 3.5-5 years old).  Mixed age groups are beneficial to both the older and younger children in the group ( This arrangement also allows for continuity of care (the benefits of which can be explored here). The children currently enrolled in Sunflowers with Naomi and Jaden will transition into Apple Blossoms and Sunshines in late August. Sunflowers will then become an Older Toddler classroom.

All of our current Butterflies will move into the Sunflowers classroom in late August, as well. We will hold off on a few transitions into the Older Toddler unit to ensure that the least number of children are transitioned the least number of times. Jess and Jordain will remain the Butterflies teachers. The Butterflies classroom will become a looping infant-toddler room. In our community there is a desperate need for infant care.

Sweet Peas and Poppies classrooms will not be changed. All current Infant and Young Toddler classrooms will remain as they are.

Transitioning children will receive notices clipped to their cubbies on or before August 1.

For some families, these may seem like big changes. We welcome you to discus any questions or concerns with us. I (Rachel) am available by phone, in person or via email to chat with families from 7am-3pm all week. Hope will be available from 9:15am-5:30pm. If you would like to schedule a time outside of those hours to meet in person with one (or both) of us, please feel free to reach out.


Rachel Hess