You Are Truly Appreciated


MARCH anniversaries are being celebrated by Lisa, Casey and Anne!


A very {SPECIAL} anniversary that we are celebrating this month is for Lisa!  Lisa is truly a wealth of knowledge and a veteran 4K teacher.  She has been with The Learning Gardens for 16 years on the 18th! Lisa is beautiful inside and out. Her passion for early childhood shines clearly and her ability to be a leader among her peers is present each day at TLG. She is always making us laugh with her upbeat humor. Congratulations Lisa on your 16th year and here’s to many more! 



The VIP, Caseman or better known as “CASEYYYYY” by the kids will be signing his way into his 16th year at The Learning Gardens.  March 18th is the {BIG} day for Casey!   He steals the show in any classroom and our hearts.  We absolutely love his voice, smooth sound and kind  ! Thank you for committing 16th simply wonderful years with us Casey!  Here’s to you Mr. Casey Day!  Keep rockin’…


Check out this TLG sweetheart!  Anne will be celebrating her 10th year at The Learning Gardens on March 8th.  Although we didn’t see her each day, she was always in our minds and hearts.  10 years looks fabulous on you Anne.  Thank you for always being so polite, sympathetic, caring and a pure joy to be around.  The Learning Gardens appreciates your willingness to be our biggest cheerleader and team-player.  Hip, hip, {HOORAY} Anne!

A huge thank you to all of our March anniversaries on their accomplishments to the education field and for choosing The Learning Gardens as your second home.