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Hi! We are the Schmidt family. We are Tyson, Libby, Teddy (13 months), our sweet rescue dog, Lola and our crazy cat, Henry! Teddy started at Learning Gardens last July. He is in the Honeybee classroom with Maritza and Katie. We have had a really good experience with Learning Gardens over the past 10 months. We especially love Teddy’s teachers and the extra enrichment opportunities he has, like Music with Casey and Spanish with Luis. And of course, those of you that know Teddy also know that he loves Julie and the food at Learning Gardens! Teddy loves to eat (pretty much anything) and he LOVES all the delicious foods he gets to eat every day.

We live in Madison, near Monroe Street. We love to go for walks in our neighborhood. In the summer we like to take family walks to get coffee at Collectivo or ice cream at Michael’s.

Tip: In the summer, Michael’s has dog ice cream!

We have a big vegetable garden in our backyard and grow fresh veggies in the summer. We love to go on hikes and spend time outside in the summer. We are big football fans, especially the Packers and the Badgers and love to watch football out on our screen porch in the nice fall weather.

Libby loves to bake and do yoga. Tyson likes to run and has completed several marathons, including Boston in 2015. Teddy and Tyson got a jogging stroller from Santa this year and have been putting a lot of miles on it, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Teddy likes to play in the sandbox and ride around in his cozy coupe. He also loves to read books! He is in the phase where he wants to read the same books over and over again. His favorite books right now are Goodnight Moon, Dear Zoo and Pat the Bunny.

We love to travel to Door County and try to get up there at least a few times a year. It is a special place to us and where we took both our “mini-moon” after we got married and our “baby-moon” before we had Teddy! We are planning a family trip in August for our fourth wedding anniversary. In addition, Libby and Tyson are taking a kids-free trip to Spain in June. We are excited, but sad to leave Teddy!

One thing you may not know about us is that Teddy has DDH or Developmental Hip Dysplasia. We found out when he was 6 weeks old and he has been treated for it throughout his first year. It hasn’t really slowed him down, and he has remained a very happy guy. He is cruising around furniture and we think he will walk soon!

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