Featured Family

Our Family:  Ben (Daddy), Joy (Momma), Kellan (2 1/2) and Weston (7 months) make up our immediate family. Our grandparents are Nana and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa Scott, and Grandpa Jeff. We also have Uncle Josh, Aunt Bobbi and Cousin Ali on Daddy’s side of the family and Aunt Jody, Uncle Jeff, and Cousins Blake and Nora on Momma’s side of the family.

Pets:  We have a cat named ‘Maui’ and she is a Bears fan. 

Hobbies:  We love to spend time with our family. Nana and Papa come visit us regularly and we also go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit Grandma and Grandpa Scott and Grandpa Jeff. We also love to read and swim. We go the library every other Saturday and we swim at least once per week.

Image result for cherryTraditions:  Every Christmas our family has a ‘Cherry Tree.’ Anyone who stops over gets to pick a ‘Cherry’ off the Cherry Tree. Each cherry has a number inside and that person gets the gift that has the corresponding number attached. You never know what you might get off the Cherry Tree! Each kid in our family has a bin for their cherry tree gifts (towels, screwdrivers, plates, etc.) that they can then use when the go off to college.

What Makes Us Special:  July is our month! Ben, Kellan and Weston all have July birthdays. Ben and Joy were married in July. In addition to our immediate family birthdays and anniversaries, we have 6 other July birthdays and anniversaries. Kellan shares a birthday with Aunt Jody. Ben shares a birthday with Aunt Charissa and Harry Potter. 

What We Love Most About The Learning Gardens:  The amazing teachers! Both of my children love to go to ‘school’ and see their teachers and every teacher we pass in the hall knows Kellan and Weston by name. I truly appreciate the fact that every day I drop off my kids, I don’t have to worry that their teachers are going to take great care of them.